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LA Passenger's Goals

  • Improve the passenger experience
  • Develop a 'community' among passengers
  • Promote ridership
  • Support Metrolink and SCRRA

Frequently Asked Questions

For Passengers is not just a tag line. Registered users are the source and the audience of the delay reports. When the audience become the reporters, news travels extremely fast. This is the future of information.

How It Works
With thousands of riders, train delays or cancellations are noticed almost immediately. The problem is that there is no effective way to inform others of the situation. If the train arrives late to your station, you can now tell other passengers at downline stations. If you are riding on a train when a delay occurs, you can inform other riders further down the track. You may even get alerted your train is late before you leave home or work, allowing you to make alternate plans.

How much does this service cost?
There is no cost to become a registered user, sign up is free. You are responsible for text message fees depending on your cell phone contract and provider. LAPassenger does not charge any premiums for text messages or our services.

How can I report a delay?
Simply call toll free (888)-545-TRAIN (8724) and press ext. 1. Report any information you know such as train number, which station you are at or closest to, and the delay information. You can also email us from your smart phone at the email address above.

Can you give me an example of what information I should report?
"Train 104 is 15 minutes late and has not arrived to the Moorpark station yet. Unknown reason."
"Train 206 is stopped near Via Princessa station due to engine trouble."
"Train 326 is departing Union Station 20 minutes behind schedule."

Why I am not receiving your Text Message alerts?
All alerts will be sent to your primary email address as well as your cell phone or PDA depending on your preferences. If you are not receiving alerts via Text message, contact your cellular carrier to verify you have not chosen to block incoming text messages. Then Contact Us and we will be happy to help you set up your desired alert preferences.

If you are not receiving our email alerts, please check your spam or bulk mail folder to see if our alerts are mistakenly being sent to these folders.

Where do you get your information?
When a registered passenger becomes aware of a train delay, they communicate the issue to LAPassenger by email or toll-free phone call. LAPassenger then distributes the alert to all other registered users who may be affected by this issue within a few minutes.

Will I receive alerts for all train delays?
No, you will only receive alerts for the trains you listed in your passenger profile. Each Metrolink train has a three digit number. You will choose which number trains you ride as well as which stations you board. Without your train and station information, you will NOT receive alerts.

How do I log in to create my Passenger Profile?
You can log in to your profile on our homepage. Your login/username is your primary email address you signed up with. If you forget your password, click the "forgot password" link to have a new one emailed to you.

Who runs
LAPassenger was started by a daily passenger on the Ventura County line as a service to other passengers. LAPassenger is not affiliated with Metrolink Trains or SCRRA. LAPassenger relies on its passenger members to report delays so we can inform other passengers.

What about the electronic message boards at the stations?
These can be reliable, however, finding out your train is delayed when you arrive at the station is too late. Often these message boards are not updated very quickly as the delay status changes.

What do I need to receive alerts?
Alerts can be sent to your cell phone as a Text Message, to your mobile email device (i.e. Blackberry, PDA, Smartphone), or via regular email.

What do I need to send an alert to other passengers?
Alerts can be sent to us via email or by calling our toll free alert telephone hotline (888)-545-TRAIN ext 1. You will receive instructions when you sign up.

Is my personal contact information safe?
In order to send alerts via email and cell phone, we request certain contact information from our subscribers. We will NOT sell this contact information or distribute to third parties. All information in your profile is only used by LAPassenger. Please read our Privacy Policy. Your cell phone TXT message will only be used to communicate train alerts. All other communication related to service announcements and account updates will be sent to your specified contact email address.

How do I unsubscribe?
LAPassenger is an opt-in service, meaning you can unsubscribe at any time. In fact, we ask that if you stop riding the train and no longer require our service, please let us know, so we can efficiently assist active members. To unsubscribe, simply email us with your request.