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Delay Reimbursement Request

UPDATE: For over three years, has assisted passengers request over 2100 delay reimbursement requests through the simple form below. A service that many of you have stated is very appreciated. On August 10, 2010, Metrolink stopped publishing their daily operations summary report which was the document that informed passengers about the delays and their cause. When contacted Metrolink, their response was that the delay report was viewed by few so they took it down. Since August, LAPassenger has contacted Metrolink three times requesting that they provide delay information so that passengers will know which delays were 60 minutes or more from the published schedule, thus qualifying passengers for a delay reimbursement. It is our expectation that if Metrolink intends to honor its Quality Service Pledge, then there should be timely and accurate delay information posted allowing passengers to request reimbursement.

Our requests for this information have been unsuccessful. We will continue to request this information from Metrolink.

Passengers whose trains have been delayed one hour or more from the scheduled terminal arrival can be reimbursed. Delays caused by acts of nature, or for reasons outside the control of Metrolink are excluded from the reimbursement. Monthly pass holders will receive a Universal 4-trip ticket good for one year. All other pass holders (10 trip, round trip, one way) will receive reimbursement equal to the value of the trip that was extensively delayed.

LAPassenger has made it easy to request this reimbursement. You will need to make a photocopy BOTH SIDES of your signed monthly pass or your 10-trip/round trip/single trip ticket. Then fill out the form below which immediately creates a letter which you just fax to Metrolink. The fax number for Metrolink is at the top of the generated letter. Requests must be recieved by Metrolink within 90 days of the date of the delay.

These reimbursements are issued by Metrolink, not by LAPassenger. LAPassenger is providing you the method to request the reimbursement, but the faxed request goes to Metrolink. Passengers have reported that reimbursements may take up to 6 weeks to be processed. If you have requested a reimbursement and it has not arrived, please contact Metrolink ( LAPassenger cannot provide you a status of your reimbursement.

Click HERE to see an example of the letter that is generated.

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