Fax to: (213) 452-0429

TO: Metrolink Passenger Services
700 South Flower St., Suite 2600
Los Angeles, CA 90017-4101

Subject: Delay Reimbursement

Dear Metrolink Passenger Services,
In accordance with your Quality Service Pledge, I am requesting a reimbursement
due to an extensive delay I experienced as a Metrolink passenger.

Train #104 was delayed 1 hour, 42 min. on 3/4/08. Due to this delay, I am
requesting a Universal 4-Trip pass with a one year expiration.

I have attached the ticket that I was using at the time of the delay.

Please send the ticket to the address below.


Joe Passenger
101 Main Street
Anytown, CA. 12345

Attached: Copy of ticket in use at time of delay.
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